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With thousands of parts on hand and an arsenal at our fingertips, trust Perk's to help you find your used car or truck parts.  Whether finding the correct item for your vehicle at our lowest price or making sure you receive it in a timely manner, we help you get back on the road.  Search our online inventory for options and availability or contact our expert staff and we will make your purchase seamless. Call us and order today!


Many times there are parts remaining on salvaged vehicles that could last a lifetime. However, accidents occur leaving vast amounts of inventory at our fingertips for your use. OEM parts are original to that vehicle. When using recycled inventory, you have an exact replacement of what your automobile came with when it rolled out of the factory. 

Cost savings? There are tremendous savings available when using a recycled part for your vehicle rather than using a part from a dealer or after-market part supplier. Many vehicles end up in a salvage yard like Perk's due to a partial collision. This leaves a large percentage of usable parts for you to take advantage of. Most body shops and auto repair facilities would agree that original parts are a better fit than an after-market replacement piece, thus making a trustworthy salvage yard like Perk's the perfect choice for your automotive needs.

Environmentally friendly - recycling has become popular over the last 25 years and preserving the earth for future generations is just one more benefit from purchasing a used/recycled part for your vehicle.

Front Ends



Cylinder Heads


Rear Gates



Steering Columns

Axle Assemblies






Axle Shafts

Steering Gears

Trunk Lids


Transfer Cases


A/C Compressors

Control Arms


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