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About Us

Since 1981, our professional staff has been helping customers by purchasing your salvage vehicle or finding the parts needed to repair your automobile. Perk's Auto Parts and Salvage, Inc has trusted employees who have from twenty-eight to thirty-six years of experience in their field.  Check out our immense inventory online, or visit us in person so we can help you find the part you need. Not local? No problem. We ship most any part anywhere in the nation. Our staff is committed to solving your needs.



  • Purchase and Sell Repairable/Salvaged Vehicles.

  • Perk's inventory changes on a daily basis.

  • Save money on a low-cost vehicle by repairing it and bringing it back to life.

  • See us first if you need to sell or scrap your damaged car, truck, van or SUV. Call us for an estimate of your vehicle's value. We'll even tow in your vehicle if it isn't drivable.

  • We gladly accept waste oil and batteries.

Our Team

  • Chris

  • Kathy

  • Ron 

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